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While I was at Siteworx, a digital agency in Reston, Virginia, I had the opportunity to work on a nearly three year long project. I was pleased to be involved from the very start of the project through to the execution.


The Project


We were to overhaul a web application used by the clients of a major investment firm to interact with the firm. Tasks would include investment management (balances, allocations, changes) and serve as a venue to access all the other benefits of access to the firm (research, news, messaging advisors, file storage, trading, etc).




The project structure would be based on the agile methodology. I was one of two UX designers for the first half of the project—this number increased as we increased velocity. Please see below for a few artifacts from the discovery phase of the design.




Somewhere between signing a contract and putting pen to paper, a strategy for the design is composed. These are usually expressed via deliverables from the discovery phase. These documents should serve to align the stakeholders and execution team, and serve to help steer the project.




Unfortunately, Siteworx did not get to do both design and development for this project. To ensure a smooth transition from our design team to the firm's development team, I was the liaison between Siteworx and the firm. Due to the complexity of the application (interactions, cross-linking, and many conditional states), specification was heavy. I conferred with the firm's development leader and worked to implement standardization that would keep the growing Siteworx team and the firm's development team for each vertical all on the same page.

View the interactive wireframe for below (options to show clickable area enabled).


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